Going to The Bonneville Salt Flats is how racers remind themselves of why they are alive. The salt feels completely limitless. There they become like gods and heroes. The records that a racer sets go into a book, like every great story… up until the invention of the movie camera.

“Run Across the Moon,” is a feature-length documentary following Scott Kolb’s journey to be the fastest man on a 125cc motorcycle. It’s a nearly impossible goal, but Scott’s gift is the belief that he can do something that nobody else can. Being the fastest man on a 125 means getting to 200 mph before anyone else. While 200 mph may not seem that fast, it is a mythic benchmark when racing on the salt, and Scott’s 125cc engine has less than a quarter of the power people usually throw at the problem.

For the last seven years, Scott has worked tirelessly to turn 200 mph into reality, each year getting closer to his goal. Broken records are made from hard lessons and for Scott the next step is to start from scratch and build a whole new motorcycle: a 125cc Full Streamliner. This fish-shaped, fourteen-foot-long, carbon-fiber motorcycle will have what it takes to break the 200 mph record in 2016.


Jason Brownrigg is a photographer and a filmmaker who loves racing motorcycles. As director and camera operator, he’ll be our window into the world of land speed racing. He and Scott see eye to eye when it comes to bikes, racing, and speed.

Emily Cameron is a writer and a filmmaker who is taking on roles as producer and camera operator for our journeys to the salt. Her ability to focus on the human side of things will help balance the film, so it won’t disappear up it’s own tail pipe in a flurry of tech talk and motorcycle lingo.

Jordan Seiler is a fine artist and social activist. He joins the team as camera operator and on-bike camera technician.

Sarah Myers is a location sound mixer and boom operator with a background in studio recording and narrative film. She came on board just in time to help our team capture the sound of the salt and the roar of a few thousand motorcycle engines.

Sigurjon Gudjonsson is a native of iceland and a skilled photographer. As camera operator and the ‘pan camera’ specialist, Sigurjon helps capture the scope of a land speed record attempt.


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